International Women day

Hi World….Happy International Women Day

Every year on the 8th of march international women’s day is celebrated across the globe it’s a day to recognize female achievement and a call to action encouraging everyone to stand up for women’s rights and gender equality gender equality means no matter your gender you’re granted the same rights privileges and access to opportunities as everyone else you may be thinking why is this day so important throughout history women have had to fight for the freedom and rights we enjoy today 150 years ago.

women couldn’t vote stand in parliament receive proper medical attention own property access their legal support get paid the same as men visit the same public areas as men get a proper education the list goes on 150 years ago

People lived in a very different world to what we know now so how did things change someone didn’t snap their fingers and then bam women had all the rights change occurred gradually through the tireless efforts of brave women and men fighting together for what is right let’s rewind in the late 19th century the fight for women suffrage began gaining momentum suffrage means the right to vote and at this time only men could do so this meant that all the political decisions were decided by men including those that only affected women

As time passed some women grew increasingly frustrated by the lack of progress and failed attempts to achieve suffrage one of these women was Emmeline Pankhurst who responded by forming the women’s social and political union in 1903 which encouraged a stronger kind of activism this led to years of protests rallies and strikes with women being arrested jailed injured and some even losing their lives in the fight for suffrage when the first world war was declared in 1914 suffragettes shifted their campaign to encourage women’s involvement in the war effort the devastation of war brought the nation together in support of one another

and attitudes began to change women took on responsibilities and jobs that they were previously excluded from like working as mechanics and drivers in 1918 the representation of the people bill was passed giving women the right to vote however it was only some women of a certain age and circumstance it wasn’t until 1928 that all women over 21 were finally allowed to vote the right to vote is instrumental in creating a society that is fair and just imagine if all the UK were one gigantic football team half of the team can play exactly as they are while the other is blindfolded the team probably isn’t going to do so great the same goes for a society.

If everyone has the same rights and freedoms a society can grow and develop in a way that benefits everyone once women were able to vote the ball began rolling on other rights like political representation access to greater opportunities fairer pay and working rights as you can see change takes time it wasn’t until 1979 that Britain had its first female prime minister

which was 76 years after Emmeline Pankhurst first established the women’s social and political union so what does gender equality look like

Today we are fortunate to live in a time and place where incredible opportunities are in abundance everyone can get an education access healthcare get a job and speak their minds




I’m interested in getting and sharing about business software tools and Useful Tech Tools for Home

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Suresh A/L Nagiah

Suresh A/L Nagiah

I’m interested in getting and sharing about business software tools and Useful Tech Tools for Home

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