Chrome OS 89: Very fantastic New Features

Google release new google chrome version 89 for Android bring performance improvements and better support for gamepads in the browser, NFC for web apps, and native web sharing.

It was released on March 2, 2021.

Google Chrome 89 integration between Android phones and Chrome OS,

Google has employed the use of ‘Freeze-Dried Tabs’, which it claim help you load tabs from an earlier session quicker.

Chrome OS Phone Hub for Android Devices

You’ll be able to respond to your phone’s text messages, view its battery and cell signal, and locate it from your Chromebook. Phone Hub also shows a couple of your recent Chrome tabs from your phone so you can pick up where you left off with ease. This feature also adds an improved Wi-Fi sync that saves your network passwords between your devices. You don’t require to on your hotspot in your phone, it’s will automatically connect by enable at phone hub. Phone hub also help to put your phone in silence.

Chrome OS Screen Capture Phone

The new tool lets you take a full, partial, or windowed screenshot, and even bakes in a screen recorder. You’ll be able to access the screen recorder and capture tools right from the shelf settings. The added discoverability allows tablets to access these tools without attaching a keyboard. The screen recorder can toggle your microphone, and it’ll save your recordings in .webm. On my Pixel Slate, it records at an average of 30FPS with 48 kHz audio sample rate.

Chrome OS Tote Holding Space

If you have a lot of files, you are facing difficultly to diving deep into their labyrinth of directories to find their files. To solve this frustration, Google is adding Tote (formerly Holding Space) to Chrome OS 89, a handy productivity feature. Tote allows quick access to your screenshots and recent downloads from the taskbar. You can also pin your essential files to it so you’ll never lose track of your directories again. You can also drag-and-drop files and photos into Chrome apps with your mouse or finger, saving you time.

To supercharge your productivity, pin your important files by right-clicking and select Pin. Pinned and recent files will show up on the shelf next to the system tray.

Chrome OS Enhanced Clipboard

Chrome OS 89 brings a clipboard manager that enhances your output even further. Instead of guessing which words you copied, you can refer to the clipboard manager. This feature gives you the self-determination to be creative with text or image you’re working on without fear of losing it. It helps maintain a better workflow when writing or swapping between Chrome windows.

To use the enhanced clipboard, copy any image or text from a webpage, then press the Launcher (Everything) key +V. Up to five recent copied items will show up on the clipboard manager

Chrome OS Quick Answers

Google help rolling out Quick Answers to Chromebooks to make finding answers easier. Powered by Google Assistant, Quick Answers offers definitions, conversions, and translations. A new Google Assistant card will show after right-clicking a word on a webpage

Chrome OS Global Media Controls

Google is tidying the notification tray in Chrome OS 89 by overhauling the media controls. Instead of getting in your way, Chrome OS places the media controls inside a card below the quick toggles. You can seek (fast forward or reverse), pause and play, or dismiss the notifications. To keep the active playback only clicks away, you can choose to pin it onto the shelf.

Chrome OS Select to speak

This features more helpful for people with disabilities. In Chrome OS 89, the developers revamped the select-to-speak user experience. It has new controls that speed up, slows down, and pauses the voice over, along with jumping to different parts.

You can activate Select-to-speak by toggling the feature in the Accessibility section in Chrome OS settings.

Chrome OS Virtual Desks

Virtual Desks are getting a significant update in Chrome OS 89 to help up your productivity game. You’ll be able to add up to eight virtual desks, reorder them with your cursor, and send windows to a specific desk. Virtual Desks will also be persistent across device reboots so you can jump right into your work.




I’m interested in getting and sharing about business software tools and Useful Tech Tools for Home

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Suresh A/L Nagiah

Suresh A/L Nagiah

I’m interested in getting and sharing about business software tools and Useful Tech Tools for Home

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